Wetlands in the Nile Basin

Wetlands in the Nile Equatorial Lakes Region

Hydrological functions of major wetlands in the Nile Basin

Wetland Hydrological functions
Wetlands of Uganda Most of the individual wetlands link to other wetlands through a complex network of permanent and seasonal streams, rivers. and lakes, making them an essential Part of the entire drainage system of the country (UNWWAP and DWD,2005)
Headwater wetlands of the Baro Akobo Regulate flow in the Baro Akobo River while believed to play an important role in maintaining downstream dry-season river flows
Lake Albert Critical link between the White Nile and its headwaters; without the flow regulation of this lake the White Nile would be reduced to a seasonal stream and could play no significant role in maintaining the base flow of the main Nile (Talbot and Williams, 2009)
Sudd, Machar Marshes and wetlands of the Bahr Ghazal Significantly attenuate flows of the White Nile and its tributaries reducing flood peaks and supporting dry-season river flows, thereby minimizing the seasonal variation in the flow of the White Nile (Sutcliffe and Widgery, 1997; Sutcliffe and Parks, 1999)
Nile Delta Limits saline intrusion from the Mediterranean Sea, thereby protecting coastal freshwater sources (Baha El Din, 1999)
SN Name Country Subbasin Area (km2) Dominant type
1 Virunga National Park DRC Lake Albert 8,000 Permanent freshwater lakes
2 Rugezi- Bulera Ruhondo Rwanda Lake Victoria 85 Permanent freshwater marshes
3 Lake Bisina Wetland System Uganda  Victoria Nile 542 Permanent freshwater lakes
4 Lake George Uganda Lake Albert 150 Permanent freshwater lakes
5 Lake Mburo- Nakivali Wetland System Uganda Lake Victoria 268 – 837 Permanent freshwater lakes
6 Lake Nabugabo Uganda  Lake Victoria 220 Permanent freshwater lakes
7 Lake Nakuwa Uganda  Victoria Nile 911 Permanent freshwater marshes or pools
8 Lake Opeta Uganda Victoria Nile 689 Permanent freshwater marshes or pools
9 Mabamba Bay Uganda Lake Victoria 24 Permanent freshwater marshes or pools
10 Murchison Falls-Albert Delta Uganda Victoria Nile 172 Permanent freshwater marshes or pools
11 Nabajjuzi Uganda Lake Albert 17 Permanent freshwater marshes or pools
12 Rwenzori Mountains Uganda Lake Victoria 995 Seasonal/intermittent freshwater lakes/rivers
13 Sango Bay- Musambwa Island Uganda Lake Albert 551 Seasonal/intermittent freshwater lakes
14 Sudd South Sudan Bahr El Jebel 57,000 Permanent/seasonal rivers
15 Dinder National Park Sudan Blue Nile 10,846 Seasonal/intermittent freshwater lakes/rivers
16 Lake Burullus Egypt Main Nile 426 Permanent freshwater marshes or pools
16 Bahr El Ghazal swamps South Sudan Bahr El Ghazal Permanent/seasonal rivers
17 Sobat/Machar Marches South Sudan Baro Akobbo Sobat 4,041 Permanent/seasonal rivers