Current monitoring network

The Victoria Nile Sub-basin

The largest part of the Victoria Nile sub-basin lies in Uganda with a small part in Kenya and is the drained by the Victoria Nile once it leaves the Lake Victoria. The sub-basin has substantial hydropower potential. The average annual flow of Victoria Nile at Jinja station in Uganda is approximately 32 x 109 m3. This is a sub-basin with relatively good monitoring infrastructure in the Nile Basin.

Meteorological monitoring network

There are 48 meteorological stations in the sub-basin; distributed in Kenya (6) and Uganda (42).11 stations are full met stations. The distribution of the stations is shown in the map below.

No Name
1 Kimama primary
2 Sirisia Chief’s Camp
3 Lukolis Dispensary,Kakamega
4 Kolonya Boy’s Sec. School
5 Angorai Chief’s Centre
6 Machakusi Nursery
7 Amagoro D.o’s Office
8 Alupe Cotton Research Station
9 Mbale
10 Lira
11 Nakasongola
12 Namayingo Health Centre
13 Busitema University
14 Tororo Met
15 Kwapa sub county H/Q
16 Butaleja district H/Q
17 Budumba health centre
18 Manafwa water works
19 Kafu (Masindi)
20 Enget (Lira)
21 Namulonge Res Station
22 Jinja Met. Station
23 Tororo Met.Station
24 Soroti Met Station
25 Lira Ngetta AgroMet Station.
26 Nabiswera
27 Alupe KARI

Hydrometric stations

There are 53 hydrometric stations in the sub-basin; 6 in Kenya and 47 in Uganda. The map below shows the location of the station. The table adjacent to the map provides the list of hydrometric stations that were active at the time of the survey in 2014. Enhancing reservoir operation of a cascade of hydropower dams (existing and planned ones) is one of the priority areas in the sub-basin. This requires enhanced real-time data collection and transmission system linked with appropriately built reservoir management system.

No Name
1 L. Victoria at Jinja Pier
2 Alupe
3 Alupe
4 R. Malaba at Jinja – Tororo Road
5 Malakisi
6 Malakisi
7 Malaba
8 R. Mayanja at Kapeeka – Kakunga
9 R. Kigwe at Semuto – Wobulenzi
10 Yala
11 R. Mpologoma at Budumba
12 R. Victoria Nile at Mbulamuti
13 Malakisi
14 Wamboli at Nabiswera – Gulu Rd
15 R. Manafwa at Mbale – Tororo Ro
16 R. Mpologoma at Tirinyi-Mbale road
17 R. Namatala at Mbale – Soroti R
18 R. Sironko at Mbale – Moroto Road
19 R. Simu at Mbale – Moroto Road
20 R. Sipi at Mbale – Moroto Road
21 R. Abuket at Kumi – Serere Road
22 R. Agu at Kumi – Serere Road
23 R. Kafu at Kampala – Gulu Road
24 R. Kelim (Greek) at Mbale – Moroto Road
25 L. Kyoga at Bugondo Pier
26 R. Kapiri at Kumi – Soroti Road
27 R. Kyoga Nile at Masindi Port
28 R. Namalu at Mbale – Moroto Rd
29 R. Omunyal Upper at Tiririri –
30 R. Akokorio at Soroti – Katakwi
31 L. Kwania at Kachung
32 R. Enget at Bata – Dokolo Road
33 R. Tochi II at Gulu – Atura Roa
34 R. Kyoga Nile at Kamdini
35 Tochi1
36 R. Sezibwa at Falls