Major Sub-Basins of the Nile

The Nile Basin covers an area of about 3,176,541 km2 in eleven countries. The Nile Basin Comprises two broad sub systems. These are the Eastern Nile sub system and the Equatorial Nile sub system. The basin is further divided into ten Major sub-basins. The Eastern Nile sub sytem comprises the Main Nile Sub-basin, Tekeze-Atbara Sub-basin, Blue Nile Sub-basin and the Baro- Akobo-Sobat Sub-basin. The Equatorial Nile sub system comprises of Lake Victoria sub-basin, Albert Nile Sub-basin, Victoria Nile Sub-basin, Bahr el Jebel Sub-basin, White Nile Sub-basin and Bahr el Ghazal Sub-basin.

Landscape in Ethiopia near Ali Doro
Sub-basin  Area (Km2)
Lake Victoria 241893
Lake Albert 96807
Victoria Nile 85521
Bahr el Jebel 185364
Bahr el Ghazal 604746
Baro-Akobo-Sobat 204288
White Nile 258803
Blue Nile 304656
Tekeze-Atbara 232374
Main Nile 958872